Source code for docx.document

# encoding: utf-8

"""|Document| and closely related objects"""

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

from docx.blkcntnr import BlockItemContainer
from docx.enum.section import WD_SECTION
from docx.enum.text import WD_BREAK
from docx.section import Section, Sections
from docx.shared import ElementProxy, Emu

[docs]class Document(ElementProxy): """WordprocessingML (WML) document. Not intended to be constructed directly. Use :func:`docx.Document` to open or create a document. """ __slots__ = ('_part', '__body') def __init__(self, element, part): super(Document, self).__init__(element) self._part = part self.__body = None
[docs] def add_heading(self, text="", level=1): """Return a heading paragraph newly added to the end of the document. The heading paragraph will contain *text* and have its paragraph style determined by *level*. If *level* is 0, the style is set to `Title`. If *level* is 1 (or omitted), `Heading 1` is used. Otherwise the style is set to `Heading {level}`. Raises |ValueError| if *level* is outside the range 0-9. """ if not 0 <= level <= 9: raise ValueError("level must be in range 0-9, got %d" % level) style = "Title" if level == 0 else "Heading %d" % level return self.add_paragraph(text, style)
[docs] def add_page_break(self): """Return newly |Paragraph| object containing only a page break.""" paragraph = self.add_paragraph() paragraph.add_run().add_break(WD_BREAK.PAGE) return paragraph
[docs] def add_paragraph(self, text='', style=None): """ Return a paragraph newly added to the end of the document, populated with *text* and having paragraph style *style*. *text* can contain tab (``\\t``) characters, which are converted to the appropriate XML form for a tab. *text* can also include newline (``\\n``) or carriage return (``\\r``) characters, each of which is converted to a line break. """ return self._body.add_paragraph(text, style)
[docs] def add_picture(self, image_path_or_stream, width=None, height=None): """ Return a new picture shape added in its own paragraph at the end of the document. The picture contains the image at *image_path_or_stream*, scaled based on *width* and *height*. If neither width nor height is specified, the picture appears at its native size. If only one is specified, it is used to compute a scaling factor that is then applied to the unspecified dimension, preserving the aspect ratio of the image. The native size of the picture is calculated using the dots-per-inch (dpi) value specified in the image file, defaulting to 72 dpi if no value is specified, as is often the case. """ run = self.add_paragraph().add_run() return run.add_picture(image_path_or_stream, width, height)
[docs] def add_section(self, start_type=WD_SECTION.NEW_PAGE): """ Return a |Section| object representing a new section added at the end of the document. The optional *start_type* argument must be a member of the :ref:`WdSectionStart` enumeration, and defaults to ``WD_SECTION.NEW_PAGE`` if not provided. """ new_sectPr = self._element.body.add_section_break() new_sectPr.start_type = start_type return Section(new_sectPr, self._part)
[docs] def add_table(self, rows, cols, style=None): """ Add a table having row and column counts of *rows* and *cols* respectively and table style of *style*. *style* may be a paragraph style object or a paragraph style name. If *style* is |None|, the table inherits the default table style of the document. """ table = self._body.add_table(rows, cols, self._block_width) = style return table
@property def core_properties(self): """ A |CoreProperties| object providing read/write access to the core properties of this document. """ return self._part.core_properties @property def inline_shapes(self): """ An |InlineShapes| object providing access to the inline shapes in this document. An inline shape is a graphical object, such as a picture, contained in a run of text and behaving like a character glyph, being flowed like other text in a paragraph. """ return self._part.inline_shapes @property def paragraphs(self): """ A list of |Paragraph| instances corresponding to the paragraphs in the document, in document order. Note that paragraphs within revision marks such as ``<w:ins>`` or ``<w:del>`` do not appear in this list. """ return self._body.paragraphs @property def part(self): """ The |DocumentPart| object of this document. """ return self._part
[docs] def save(self, path_or_stream): """ Save this document to *path_or_stream*, which can be either a path to a filesystem location (a string) or a file-like object. """
@property def sections(self): """|Sections| object providing access to each section in this document.""" return Sections(self._element, self._part) @property def settings(self): """ A |Settings| object providing access to the document-level settings for this document. """ return self._part.settings @property def styles(self): """ A |Styles| object providing access to the styles in this document. """ return self._part.styles @property def tables(self): """ A list of |Table| instances corresponding to the tables in the document, in document order. Note that only tables appearing at the top level of the document appear in this list; a table nested inside a table cell does not appear. A table within revision marks such as ``<w:ins>`` or ``<w:del>`` will also not appear in the list. """ return self._body.tables @property def _block_width(self): """ Return a |Length| object specifying the width of available "writing" space between the margins of the last section of this document. """ section = self.sections[-1] return Emu( section.page_width - section.left_margin - section.right_margin ) @property def _body(self): """ The |_Body| instance containing the content for this document. """ if self.__body is None: self.__body = _Body(self._element.body, self) return self.__body
class _Body(BlockItemContainer): """ Proxy for ``<w:body>`` element in this document, having primarily a container role. """ def __init__(self, body_elm, parent): super(_Body, self).__init__(body_elm, parent) self._body = body_elm def clear_content(self): """ Return this |_Body| instance after clearing it of all content. Section properties for the main document story, if present, are preserved. """ self._body.clear_content() return self