Source code for docx.shape

# encoding: utf-8

Objects related to shapes, visual objects that appear on the drawing layer of
a document.

from __future__ import (
    absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

from .enum.shape import WD_INLINE_SHAPE
from .oxml.ns import nsmap
from .shared import Parented

[docs]class InlineShapes(Parented): """ Sequence of |InlineShape| instances, supporting len(), iteration, and indexed access. """ def __init__(self, body_elm, parent): super(InlineShapes, self).__init__(parent) self._body = body_elm def __getitem__(self, idx): """ Provide indexed access, e.g. 'inline_shapes[idx]' """ try: inline = self._inline_lst[idx] except IndexError: msg = "inline shape index [%d] out of range" % idx raise IndexError(msg) return InlineShape(inline) def __iter__(self): return (InlineShape(inline) for inline in self._inline_lst) def __len__(self): return len(self._inline_lst) @property def _inline_lst(self): body = self._body xpath = '//w:p/w:r/w:drawing/wp:inline' return body.xpath(xpath)
[docs]class InlineShape(object): """ Proxy for an ``<wp:inline>`` element, representing the container for an inline graphical object. """ def __init__(self, inline): super(InlineShape, self).__init__() self._inline = inline @property def height(self): """ Read/write. The display height of this inline shape as an |Emu| instance. """ return @height.setter def height(self, cy): = cy = cy @property def type(self): """ The type of this inline shape as a member of ``docx.enum.shape.WD_INLINE_SHAPE``, e.g. ``LINKED_PICTURE``. Read-only. """ graphicData = self._inline.graphic.graphicData uri = graphicData.uri if uri == nsmap['pic']: blip = graphicData.pic.blipFill.blip if is not None: return WD_INLINE_SHAPE.LINKED_PICTURE return WD_INLINE_SHAPE.PICTURE if uri == nsmap['c']: return WD_INLINE_SHAPE.CHART if uri == nsmap['dgm']: return WD_INLINE_SHAPE.SMART_ART return WD_INLINE_SHAPE.NOT_IMPLEMENTED @property def width(self): """ Read/write. The display width of this inline shape as an |Emu| instance. """ return @width.setter def width(self, cx): = cx = cx